Answered By: Chris Hudson
Last Updated: Oct 26, 2021     Views: 110

To begin using a locker, touch the Assign New Locker button. The system will suggest an available locker for you. To accept that locker, touch Ok or to select a different locker, touch Select and pick an available locker of your choice. Next, swipe your Kcard on the card reader to Unlock the Locker. The touchscreen will verify that your locker is Unlocked and you should hear the door to the locker pop open. Store away your belongings (be sure to consult locker use policy) and close the door making sure it locks shut.

To unlock your locker, tap Unlock on the main menu. You will be asked to swipe your Kcard on the card reader and then whether you are Finished Using the Locker. If not, note how much remaining time you have left on the screen and then touch No, remove and/or replace any items and shut the door to lock again. If you are finished using the locker, touch Yes to open, remove all of your belongings and then shut the door making sure it locks.

If you encounter any problems using the lockers or touch screens, please visit the circulation desk on Level 1.